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    Company Name: Shanghai Yuanpai Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Postcode: 200237

    Website: tqbhwr.cn

    Email: yuanpaico.itd@yuanpai.net

    Phone: 021-554254572-886

    Fax: 021-54590551

    Address: Building 3, No. 8, Lane 411, Shilong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

    Rhine Spring

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    Rhine Spring

    Rhine Spring

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    “10分钟生活圈”的核心区域,宜宾城市最具核心价值和核心地域优势的区域之一。 Rhein Spring is located in the core area of the Rhein business circle on the south bank of Yibin City. It is located in the position of the commercial golden triangle. It is the core area of the "10-minute life circle" of Yibin's urban road network . One. It is an oversized composite shopping center full of urban souls. Based on Yibin's “the first city of Wanli Yangtze River”, which is an irreproducible city value, the “water pearl” scheme with Sanjiang water as its content was determined.


    42亩, 总建筑面积约13.5万平方米,商业面积近10万平方米,总投资超过7个亿,业态涵盖百货、超市、娱教天地、书店、运动专卖、美容健身、休闲餐饮、电影文化等,是宜宾规模最大、投资最大、业态涵盖面最大的商业综合体。 The Rhein Spring Shopping Center covers an area of about 42 acres, with a total construction area of about 135,000 square meters, a commercial area of nearly 100,000 square meters, and a total investment of more than 700 million yuan. The format covers department stores, supermarkets, entertainment and education worlds, bookstores, sports monopoly, beauty Fitness, casual dining, and film culture are the largest commercial complexes in Yibin with the largest investment and the largest format coverage.

    .客户需求 Customer needs


    O2O与大数据作为互联网领域的新兴技术手段,正在为具有互联网思维的零售企业提供线上线下打通的产品与服务,为零售企业实现快速招募高忠诚度会员、增加来店客流、提高营销效率、提升收入水平、实现精准营销等方面的价值。 In the era of rapid development of information technology, at the current stage of rapid changes in the retail industry, O2O and big data are emerging technologies in the field of the Internet. They are providing online and offline products and services for retail companies with Internet thinking and realizing them for retail companies. Quickly recruit high-loyalty members, increase visitor flow, increase marketing efficiency, increase revenue levels, and achieve precision marketing.


    WIFI网络全覆盖,为消费者提供一个良好体验的上网环境,以提升购物中心整体品牌形象,达到增加营收的目的,进而更好的打造独具体验价值的舒适购物环境和优质服务为宜宾市民提供一个体验购物、商务社交、休闲娱乐的天堂,打造川南城市圈唯一的时尚化主题商业集核,以全新的“城市新生活方式”服务满足客户多样化需求。 As a comprehensive shopping mall that integrates shopping, dining, culture, entertainment, leisure, tourism, business and other functions, Rhein Spring Shopping Center wants to achieve this time in order to better comply with the mobile Internet and big data management trends. The full WIFI network of the complex provides consumers with a good experience of the Internet environment, in order to enhance the overall brand image of the shopping center, to achieve the purpose of increasing revenue, and then better create a comfortable shopping environment and quality services with unique experience value. Yibin citizens provide a paradise for shopping, business, social, leisure and entertainment, create the only fashion-themed business nucleus in the southern Sichuan urban circle, and meet the diversified needs of customers with a new "city new lifestyle" service.


    .解决方案 Three . Solution


    WMC精准营销云平台、RBIS(锐捷智能商业分析系统),为消费者提供极速的无线上网体验,为商家提供丰富的线上线下营销广告宣传方式,并为家商提供顾客行为大数据支撑便于商家发展老客户、做二次营销。 The solution consists of a wireless network solution, WMC precision marketing cloud platform, and RBIS (Ruijie Intelligent Business Analysis System) to provide consumers with a fast wireless Internet experience, provide businesses with rich online and offline marketing advertising methods, and provide home businesses with Big data support for customer behavior is convenient for merchants to develop old customers and do secondary marketing.


    Partial site survey:


    AP点位部署原则,结合实地勘查,莱茵春天商业中心LG1无线网络建设AP点位部署如下图 According to the AP point deployment principles, combined with field surveys, the LG 1 wireless network construction of the Rhine Spring Business Center is deployed as follows:


    Solution list:


    Wireless network solution architecture diagram:


    Solution topology description:


    The RG-BCR8000-T1 gateway is deployed at the Internet exit of the mall and uses a MIPS multi-core hardware platform. The data transmission performance is several times higher than that of traditional routers, which can meet the needs of high-speed Internet access. At the same time, it is responsible for access control and network management of wireless users.


    RG-S7805E series switches are a new generation of Layer 3 switches that are integrated with security, intelligence and 10 Gigabit interfaces. Flexible Gigabit port configuration, 10 Gigabit uplink, and continuous software upgrade capabilities, which can be developed according to changes in network and application requirements, to maximize protection of user investment.


    RG-AP3320 is a wireless access point, which realizes the coverage of the wireless network in the mall.

    RG-AC128 is a wireless controller, which realizes unified control, management and centralized data forwarding of all wireless access points (except Liya department store wireless AP).


    RG-NBS2009G-P, as a wireless access and power supply switch, supports POE, POE +, safe and flexible.


    WMC)。 By connecting the original wireless network in Liya department store area to this newly-built wireless network, the department store area access to the Precision Marketing Cloud Service Platform ( WMC) is realized . The Precision Marketing Cloud Service Platform (WMC) is used to store effective consumer information (mobile phone number, WeChat plus fan, etc.) for mall consumers when they connect to the wireless network, and forcibly push the mall's marketing page.


    .使用效果及现场体验 4. Use effect and site experience


    Construction is completed, we can't wait to experience our results


    Come to the Rhine and walk through the most beautiful streets


    Ready to find our Easy Elves


    ... Where is the elf ...


    ...来个近距离特写... Wow, surprise came fast enough ... for a close-up ...


    ...一气呵成 Hurry up and connect to our newly released network to try the results ... in one go




    Wi-Fi技术已然很成熟了,就不再赘述......赶紧看看流畅度 WeChat is already mature with Wi-Fi technology, so I won't go into details ... hurry and see the fluency


    This is nothing, and see if the reasonable download speed is also under control.

    100M adsl线路) (In the optimization and debugging after acceptance, the external network has only one 100M adsl line for the time being)


    ... Sure enough everything went so smoothly, it was so smooth ...

    Go to the computer room and see how our hidden technology in the trenches, Chen Dana, controls all of this easily.


    ..... Take a closer look at the true features of the system equipment that operates the entire building steadily ...


    Enter the marketing platform to see the data that has been running for a day, big data analysis is just around the corner


    .客户评价 V. Customer evaluation


    The original area of the mall was previously covered by other friends' products. This time, after expert surveys by elements experts, repeated testing, deployment planning and standardized product installation and commissioning, the process showed professionalism, and cooperated with excellent service and A complete and stable operation of the Ruiyi platform system has impressed customers and firmened their recognition and choice of the Ruijie Ruiyi brand and the element company. Finally, the developer Yibin Liya Land Company and the operator Yibin Yade Business Management Company were well received and perfectly accepted!

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