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    Company Name: Shanghai Yuanpai Industrial Co., Ltd.

    Postcode: 200237

    Website: tqbhwr.cn

    Email: yuanpaico.itd@yuanpai.net

    Phone: 021-554254572-886

    Fax: 021-54590551

    Address: Building 3, No. 8, Lane 411, Shilong Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai

    Galia Chain Store

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    Galia Chain Store

    Galia Chain Store

    I. Customer Profile

    1995 年。 Galia women's fashion clothing brand was born in 1995 . —— 广州市格风服饰有限公司,于 1998 2 28 日成立于广州市白云区的现代化工业园。 The brand's founding enterprise , Guangzhou Gefeng Clothing Co., Ltd., was established on February 28 , 1998 in the modern industrial park of Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Gefeng Clothing Co., Ltd. has always been implementing in the management of enterprises and brands with the spirit of sharing the best with others and insisting on a dream-building and down-to-earth attitude.


    歌莉娅 格风 “Orange 桔子 三个注册品牌。 Gefeng Company is a large-scale comprehensive enterprise specializing in the production and sales of women's fashion clothing, integrating the research and development, production, and monopoly sales of women's clothing. It has three registered brands: " Collia " , " Gefeng " and "Orange Orange " . The leading brand Goliath takes inspiration from the global journey. The brand's first new concepts such as travel culture and flower house culture are leading the fashion and fresh trend in the industry.

    In recent years, the company's overall brand image, corporate and brand awareness, reputation, and comprehensive corporate strength have been rapidly improved through cooperation with international teams.At present, it has been in major cities in China and Norway, Kuwait, Singapore, Goliath flagship stores and image stores have been opened in many countries including Egypt.

    Customer needs

    管理的门店比较多,各个门店区域都要进行无线覆盖,而且要无线稳定,高速,无死角,能为顾客提供稳定高效的上网体验。 There are many stores managed by Gefeng. Wireless coverage is required in each store area, and wireless stability, high speed, and no dead ends are required to provide customers with a stable and efficient Internet experience. At the same time, wireless should be used as the entrance of mobile internet for value-added functions. Gefeng's demand is divided into the following stages:

    通过 无线 入口传递商场品牌、服务导购等,通过推送的页面,除了向用户展示商场的品牌形象外,也可以适度展示推广活动、促销广告等, 同时顾客通过微信连 WIFI 连接上网需要强制关注企业公众号,以达到吸粉的目的。 Phase 1: Passing the mall brand, service shopping guide, etc. through the wireless portal. In addition to showing the brand image of the mall to the user through the pushed page, it can also appropriately display promotional activities, promotional advertisements, etc. At the same time, customers need to connect to the Internet via WIFI through WeChat Mandatory attention to the corporate public number to achieve the purpose of sucking powder. Because the company has an indicator of the amount of powder.

    The second stage: can detect customer information such as store time, length of stay, etc., statistically analyze the detected customer information such as passenger flow, store entry rate and other data to help store operations and management. 时,还要满足总部和分部 VPN 互通,分店营业办公业务必须通过 VPN 到总部到公司各个门店的办公需求 At the same time , it is also necessary to meet the headquarters and branch VPN interoperability. The branch office business must pass the VPN to the headquarters to the office's various office needs.

    公司对无线精准营销非常的重视,要求提供整套的无线精准营销的整体解决方案,并能够最大化的实现营销推广的功能,能够吸引更多顾客。 The third stage: The company attaches great importance to wireless precision marketing, and requires the provision of a complete solution for wireless precision marketing, which can maximize the function of marketing promotion and attract more customers.

    At present, Gefeng Company first requires to meet the requirements of the first stage, mainly advertising marketing and WeChat sucking powder. The current network layout must be able to meet the second and third stage expansion requirements, and there is no need to replace the network hardware.


    The company uses a full set of Ruijie Ruiyi products for wireless transformation. This network construction should achieve wireless signal coverage in all store areas.

    RG-BCR8 1 0W RG-BCR 系列商业云路由器是锐捷网络专门为商业客户网络量身设计的新一代路由器产品。 The network coverage of each store uses the wireless router RG-BCR8 1 0W . The RG-BCR series commercial cloud router is a new generation of router products specifically designed by Ruijie Networks for commercial customer networks. This series of products can cooperate with Ruijie network cloud services to create a set of precision marketing solutions for business customers, help merchants combine multiple unique authentication methods such as SMS, WeChat, and push gorgeous advertising pages to customers, so as to enhance their brand image, Retain marketing information such as customer information, promotion information dissemination, and business opportunity mining. RG-BCR 系列商业云路由器搭载了 简易 的流量控制、 VPN 等功能,在满足商业客户的营销需求外还兼顾了办公网络的要求。 At the same time, the RG-BCR series commercial cloud routers are equipped with simple flow control, VPN and other functions, while meeting the marketing requirements of business customers, and taking into account the requirements of the office network. 可以 和总部的安全出口进行 IPSEC VPN 对接,实现了总部分部的内网办公,让门店的工作人员可以访问到公司总部的信息和资源。 In addition to stable wireless Internet access, the wireless router can also be connected to the security exit of the headquarters by IPSEC VPN , which realizes the intranet office of the headquarters and allows the store staff to access the information and resources of the company headquarters. This part can guarantee the customer's requirements for the second stage.

    是锐捷网络 专门针对服鞋、餐饮、专营专卖等连锁品牌线下门店提供的云服务整体解决方案,解决了连锁门店的网络互联互通的建设,消费都及门店的相关数据的采集和分析,以及基于门店的精准营销等环节所遇到的核心问题。 On-Line smart store solution is Ruijie Networks' comprehensive cloud service solution for offline stores such as clothing and shoes, catering, and franchise stores. It solves the construction of network interconnection and interoperability of chain stores, consumers and stores. The core problems encountered in the collection and analysis of relevant data, as well as precision marketing based on stores.

    100 平米左右,网络拓扑如下: For chain stores, the basic area is about 100 square meters, and the network topology is as follows:


    225 概念会所位于北京路的一座 1948 年的小楼里,外墙是醒目的橙红色,内部由设计师精心打造,怀旧又富有设计感。 Galia 225 Concept Club is located in a small building in 1948 on Beijing Road . The exterior wall is striking orange-red. The interior is carefully crafted by the designer. It is nostalgic and full of design. The large glass greenhouse sunny garden on the first floor adds a touch of warmth to the cold winter. 225 的老照片,五楼的城中潮店 Benshop 、彼得猫古本店以及鲜花绿叶围绕、可以喝咖啡的露台,每一层,都独具特色,层次丰富细节迷人。 The second floor is an elegant French flower shop and letter shop. The third floor is a white open exhibition space. The fourth floor is a Goliath tourism theme exhibition, film and television room, map room, and 225 old photos. , Peter Cat Ancient Honten, and a terrace surrounded by flowers and greenery, which can be used for coffee. Each floor is unique, with rich levels and charming details.


    Network topology:


    Fourth, the use of effects

    WEB 对单台设备进行配置等。 Centralized management: unified management of equipment in chain stores across the country, support for configuration templates, remote configuration and upgrade, batch addition of devices, batch configuration, batch upgrade, online viewing of device status, remote login to device WEB to configure single device, etc. .


    Advertising marketing: Customers can change advertisements on a regular basis, and it is very convenient and simple to edit or create advertisements according to the template. Just add pictures or links according to the template, and anyone who can perform basic computer operations can successfully complete the advertisement editing.


    SSID 手机会自动弹出 Portal 页面,点击“点此免费上网”会自动跳到微信关注公众号页面。 WeChat authentication: Clicking the SSID mobile phone will automatically pop up the Portal page, and clicking “Click here for free internet access” will automatically jump to the WeChat Pay attention to the public account page.


    3 秒后又会跳回要求关注公众号的页面; If you did not choose to follow the public account in the previous step and clicked directly to complete it, you will be jumped to the page that prompts you to follow the public account before you can go online. After 3 seconds , you will be returned to the page that requires the public account to be followed;


    After paying attention to the public account, it will jump to the advertisement page again. After clicking back, you can access the Internet normally.


    3 家门店试用 2 个月,在没有任何开放 WIFI 的指引,没有一位店员推荐顾客连接上网的情况下,吸粉数量达到 529 个,平均每天每店可以吸粉 3 个; The customer tried 3 stores for 2 months. Without any guidelines for opening WIFI , and without a staff member recommending customers to connect to the Internet, the number of powders has reached 529 , and the average number of powders per store can be 3 per day ;


    Five, customer response

    Users use it for a period of time, the store's wireless network is stable, WeChat authentication is convenient, fast wireless experience, and the network is convenient and easy to manage! The signal strength and coverage have been well received by customers! 100个 Originally, customers needed to achieve the powder absorption index by paying attention to coupons or forcing store staff to push the checkout. Now as long as such a device is installed in each store, no guidance is required from the store staff and no coupons are required. Attracting nearly 100 powders per month per store . 非常满意。 Customers are very satisfied with the wireless stability of this solution, the convenience of management, and the WeChat powder suction function .

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